Dr. Susan Rutherford's Chiropractic Health Clinic offers comprehensive Chiropractic care to patients in Calgary. She offers quality Chiropractic care and is dedicated to helping her patients achieve optimal health, function and performance.

Dr. Susan Rutherford
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Therapeutic Hands
Rosario Pawelczak
Registered Massage Therapist
1104 10 St SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R 1E2

Lorita Whitehouse
Registered Massage Therapist with interest
in Deep Tissue Massage
1104 10 St SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R 1E2

Linda Wilder
Consulting Psychologist

Unwind Therapeutics
Christie Kim, Integrative Therapist R.Ac, RMT, CYT, CLT, ESTI
Hakomi Psychotherapists


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